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What is the
St Paul Bouncing Team?
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The Saint Paul Bouncing Team is a nonprofit organization that performs aerial acrobatics at public and private social events throughout the year. Inspired by an Eskimo hunting tradition, the team has been entertaining crowds for more than 130 years.

Fun Facts:

  • We have been bouncing since 1886.
  • Bouncing Girls can reach heights of 20 to 35 feet.
  • 1937: The St Paul Athletic Club starts the St Paul Bouncing Team; Lucille Leopold becomes first ever Bouncing Girl.
  • 1990s: The bouncing tradition is kept alive by a scrappy collection of volunteers after the St Paul Athletic Club closes its doors.

"Bouncing" is the oldest St. Paul Winter Carnival event and has been featured in most carnivals since its inception in 1886. Come out to the parades this year and say...



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