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The St. Paul Bouncing Team is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization. In order to perform, we require a minimum of 14 pullers around the bouncing blanket to make the Bouncing Girls fly.

Bouncing Girls are chosen during an annual tryout during the St. Paul Winter Carnival in February. The team carries three Bouncing Girls for three-year terms and one alternate for a one-year term.

We are always looking for fun, energetic people to be pullers and support staff.




Below are some frequently asked questions.

We require all Bouncing Girls, pullers and support staff to be at least 21 years old.

We normally perform at anywhere from 10 to 14 events per year. To become a member of the team, we ask that you can commit to at least three events during your first year but more is always better.

Tryouts to be one of the Bouncing Girls typically takes place in the first week of February each year at the Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, during the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Details are provided on our website and in social media posts leading up to the event.

There are always a total of four active women on the team each year. Three of them serve three-year terms and an alternate serves for one year.

It is common for the one-year alternate to come to tryouts the next year to earn another three years.

Former Bouncing Girls come back year after year for our busier parades, because once a Bouncing Girl always a Bouncing Girl!

Nope. As long as you are at least 21 years old and in relatively good enough shape to be thrown into the air many times during a parade or other event, you can try out for the team.

Girls reach heights of 20–30 feet in the air and do aerial acrobatics like backflips, spins and straddles.

The judges rate women on height achieved, form while on the blanket and in the air, and especially a positive attitude.

We are entertainers, and we have learned that a smile and a wave is always going to be a crowd pleaser.

Pullers pay $40 for the first year, then $35 each additional year to stay active on the team.

The first year’s dues help cover the cost of the team polo shirt for summer events and team pullover.

There are presently no dues for Bouncing Girls or support staff.

We have team members from all walks of life, and everyone likes to have a good time and enjoy the excitement of performing for the crowds.

The camaraderie is off the charts, and it is a good way to meet other fun people, often while enjoying beverages and food after an event.

Send the team’s president an email or call the number listed on the Contact Us page.

You may also talk to us before or after an event to learn more.

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